Refugee Voices

Noreen’s Story

Dear Slough Refugee Support

It’s been a while since I have been in touch. Leo and I are well and have now settled in the Northeast, in County Durham.

I really would like to express my most heartfelt appreciation for the love you at Slough Refugee Support showed Leo and I as we went through a really difficult time in our lives. I know for a fact if it had not been for your love and support we would not  still be around. At the point when I was lost and my life was crumbling all around me, you never gave up fighting for us. It is because you welcomed us that we had a roof over our heads and were not left stranded.

There are not many words that can truly express the gratitude and affection I have for all of you. I felt safe and could open up about what I was going through and that really made a special impact on how I live every day and regard myself, for I know I might be hours away, but you are all a part of my family and will carry you in my heart always

Keriann loved Leo and helped him flourish and the activities you always organised gave us both something to look forward.  You are all in my heart, Jean, Taz, Keriann, Rose, Ajma and all the volunteers.

It is my hope that you continue to touch as many lives as you have touched ours.

With the warmest of thoughts

Love  Noreen & Leo

December 2018